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The following is a listing of fees charged for various situations:

Please Note: The fee reserves up to two hours of John Castagno's time working on your inquery, not all signatures can be deciphered.

1. $40 USD for research time spent with no success, per hour.
2. $75 USD for deciphering a signature, but no further information about the artist is available to me. Purchase
3. $90 USD for deciphering a signature, which includes full artist's name and birth date, and what reference information I may have on hand in my library of databases. Purchase
4. $125 USD for a written letter by John Castagno verifying the name of a deciphered signature, notarized and sent to you via US mail. Purchase
5. $150 USD per painting per appraisal. This service provides a notarized appraisal listing the artist's name, nationality, birth and death dates, description of the artwork and value. Purchase


* All inquiries should be sent to

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Payments Online

Go to our Signup/Purchase Page to pay for the service you want. Once your payment is processed, John will contact you through email for further details on the research you need performed.

Payments Through Mail

Checks should be made out to “, LLC” and mailed to:, LLC
6828 Torresdale Ave. 1st Fl
Philadelphia, PA 19135

Please indicate which service you want and include any information John might need to perform his research. Please also include your name and return mailing address as well as the name or company to which refunds should be issued.