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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Are Your Rates?

Please see our Rates Page for an explanation of our current rates for credits and subscriptions.

How Long Are Your Billing Periods?

Our monthly billing period lasts 30 days and our annual billing period lasts 360 days.

How Do Credits Work?

Artists' Signatures uses a credit based system to enhance access to artist content. Artists viewed through the A-Z listing will cost four credits; however, if the artist does not have any signatures, the view will cost two credit. Artists looked up through the "Reverse Lookup" feature cost eight credits.

Lookup Type Credits Needed
Artist without signatures 2 Credit
Artist with signatures 4 Credits
Reverse Lookup 8 Credits

Furthermore, there are two different types of credits. There are "Lifetime Credits" and "Month Credits". "Lifetime Credits" are credits that were purchased on a per-credit basis. For example, if you paid $49.95 to purchase 400 credits, those credits would be considered "Lifetime Credits". "Month Credits" are the credits you receive with a monthly subscription. Both types of credits function the same way, the only difference is that "Month Credits" expire at the end of your billing period whereas "Lifetime Credits" last a lifetime.

How Do I Purchase Credits or Subscribe?

In order to purchase credits or subscribe, you must first either sign up for an account or log in with your existing username. Once you are logged in to Artists' Signatures, you can purchase credits buy going to your "My Account" page, or by clicking on an artist profile.

What is a "Reverse Lookup"?

A "Reverse Lookup" is a special feature offered that allows you to discover artist information by looking at monogram, illegible, symbol, cyrillic, prakrit, and common surname signatures. This feature will show you signature examples that you can compare to your painting. When you find a matching signature, you can click on the thumbnail to discover the identity of the artist. When browsing reverse lookup categories, you may expand any signatures you can not see clearly by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the corner of the signature.

The reverse lookup feature also includes alternative names and pseudonyms. These are names that are used by an artist to sign his/her work, but are not the artist's actual name. Alternative names are listed by the way the artist may sign his/her works, but not by actual surnames. Please be advised that the artist is also listed by their correct surname in the main category.

May I Affix Artist Profiles to the Paintings I Sell?

If you are selling a work of art and have paid for access to the Artists' Signatures profile for the artist who created the work of art you're selling, you may include a printed copy of the artist profile and signatures with the paintings you sell as a free courtesy to the buyer. This information must be provided "AS IS" to the buyer and you may not claim that the artist profile verifies the authenticity of the work. See the Terms and Conditions for more information.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

You may terminate your enrollment in an automated billing program by sending an email to support. You must give at least five days notice before the end of your billing period or you will be billed for another month. Please be sure to include your username in the email.

Will You Sell or Share My Information?

We value your privacy and all information collected while you are using will be kept secure, private and confidential. We will never sell or share your information with third parties. The only time your personal information leaves our organization is when processing credit card transactions. This information is communicated over secured links with trusted banking organizations.