"Thank you very much for looking into this for us. We love the piece, and can now enjoy it knowing the artist and insuring it for it's right value."

"You've gone above and beyond, and I'm sure we'll be reviewing more paintings again in the future. I tremendously appreciate your time on this, and also the work you've put into creating your database as an invaluable resource. Happy Holidays to you and your family as well!"

"I like using program. It easy understand..I find paintings. I need help with signature. Sometimes I find sometimes no. They have lots signatures for me look at. I like "
-Lee Chung

"I wanted to let you know how much i appreciated your recent appraisal of my painting. Your services were expeditious, professional and provided much needed guidance to the documentation of the painter that signed the work. I would recommend your services and books to anyone requiring these services."
-Greg Allen

"As an art appraiser, I often come across paitings, drawings and prints, that are signed with illegible signatures. When I am unable, even after substantial research, to decipher signatures, I contact Mr. Castagno. From the images and information that i send him he arrives at conclusions that are decisive, knowledgable and complete. His experience and expertise, combined with his extensive signature database, are invariable the answer to any signature question I have ever had. Best Regards!"
-Carla Young

"ArtistsSignatures was a great help in identifying the artist on a picture that's been in our family since the 1950s. John contacted us in good time, and provided the artist's name. Now we can do some research to learn more about the artist. Thank you, John!"

"What a Great Tool this site is. I found a painting with a Monogram. The site helped me determine who the artist is. I paid $25 for the painting. It is worth $3000. Thank You John Castagno & ArtistsSignatures"
-The Art Finder