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Artists’ Signatures offers FREE access to all artist directory listings in our database. Every visitor can search and browse our listings when looking for an artist without signing up. Once you verify that your artist is in our database, you can sign up for an account to discover top-quality, verified signature examples and information about your artist.

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Welcome to Artists' Signatures

Using Artists’ Signatures, you can browse or search artist names, monograms and signature examples to verify, authenticate and discover how the artist signs his/her work of art. Every artist profile contains reference information cited from a reference base of nearly 300 sources, from standard to difficult to find. Many of these sources lead to more than one hundred other references to provide help for you to discover as much as possible about your artist.

Artists’ Signatures is the highest quality artist discovery service available. All signatures in our database are replicated by hand from the original works by John Castagno. Artists’ Signatures is also the most updated source for artists’ birth and death years. Log onto any search engine to see how John Castagno's expertise for documenting artists’ signatures is recognized and accepted worldwide.

Thousands of American and International artists can be found on this site that were not listed by Who's Who in American Art, Who Was Who in American Art, E. Bénézit, Mantle Fielding's Dictionary, Thieme and Becker, H. Vollmer, and many other publications.

If you would like to discover the identity of the artist from a painting where the signature is a monogram, illegible or indiscernible, we offer the following Reverse Lookup categories:

Artists’ Signatures also features the following special categories:

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Discover & Identify Artists

Examples of the illegible signature search makes it easier to determine the indentity of an artist even when their signature is illegible or unrecognizable. Our powerful character match search engine allows you to enter vague details such as one or two letters in the artist's signature or monogram and returns all possible matches.

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